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Men helping one another                   to thrive in relationships 
The 6 month
Who this was made for...

You're here reading this because you are a rare breed of man who wants to invest in learning to create a more powerful and loving relationship. It matters to you as much if not more than your career and personal growth.

If you've been to one Masterheart, keep reading... 

If not, go back here and apply to join us for a one time "taste".


Or, if you are bursting to dive in to this commitment based on the word of someone you trust and the info on previous pages, keep reading... 

So, you've gotten a sense of what we do and how we do it.


And you've tasted the potential.


You gained deeper clarity from looking at yourself honestly through our relational lense (Know Thyself process).


You've felt some of the power and freedom that comes from learning and practicing skills in our dojo (Relational Aikido) to transform disconnect and conflict quickly. 


And you got a glimpse of what happens when you heal the emotional barriers we all have to loving more fully. 

Now, the questions are:


Is this going to be worth all the investment (time, money and more so emotional vulnerability and trust) to sign up for the full 6 month experience?


Am I ready and willing to do this? 


Read below to help you wrestle with and best answer both. 



 Gain more Clarity about yourself & your partner.
  • Assess your CORE NEEDS: What drives you to be fulfilled or miserable in your relationship and life. 

  • Discover your UNFULFILLED EDGE: The precise quality you want and need to have more of in order to thrive in your relationship.

  • ID your LOVE SABOTEUR: What powerful force holds you back from experiencing more of this quality.

  • Find out how to KNOW your PARTNER 's deepest desires and fears: helping you to calibrate how to most effectively respond to them in stress and help them thrive.  


Like quickly calming our partner and
de-escalating rising conflict.
  • Gain critical AWARENESS of what modern pattern drives DIVORCE and deep DISCONNECT.

  • Practice the simple SKILL to CREATE more CONNECTION INSTANTLY and REVERSE this unconscious love corroding instinct we have as men. 



Experiencing emotional HEALING:
  • Discover the KEY to finally transforming and releasing negative emotions which block you from experiencing deeper love - like resentment, disappointment, and fear. 

  • Learn how to surrender to a natural and easy HEALING process while maintaining your power and freedom of choice.

How to quickly calm your partner and de-escalate rising conflict.

  • Suss out the smallest action you can take daily to make the most impact on your partner. 

  • Develop a plan for the month to deepen and grow love in your relationship through 5-10 minutes a day. 


Meet other men as committed to relationship growth as you are!




  • The JOY of actively supporting and being supported by other deeply committed men to gain clarity, heal blocks, learn skills and develop habits that lead to deeper and more lasting love.  

WHAT we actually DO in there...
Do I have to participate?

NO, and... 

Be aware that the entire evening is "experiential" meaning it is designed so that the learning and growth happens when you jump in to experience it - rather than being a spectator. At the same time, every one of us will have a range of choices to decide how much we want to dive in or step back at any moment. The Masterheart process is powerful because it is built on the choices you make. Therefore, there is no coersion or shaming. Instead, we encourage and support one another to feel more deeply, share (when it feels right to do so) and try new ways of being. If you have lingering fears about what might come up for you that keep you from making a clear decision to come or not, please fill out the application and note that in your answer to Question #7. 

What happens afterwards...?

Two important things will happen by the end of the evening: 

ONE, is you will learn more about the ongoing MASTERHEART group that is forming and whether you want to consider signing up or not (zero pressure). You'll walk away with clarity and being affirmed for wherever you are at from the community either way. 

SECOND, you will be invited to attend a private follow up conference call between the men who attended where we give each other support to: 

  1. CHECK-IN about the commitments and changes we all started making in the live meeting. 

  2. DECIDE what our next steps are.

Wait! Why do I need to apply...?

Two reasons that makes sense if you read below...

ONE, is we are aiming to keep this in a circle of trust. You may be a man who is referred by a friend and so this is a brief chance to get to know you. This is also helpful to myself the organizer (see next point). 

TWO, this event is only for men who are equally motivated to grow their relationships. We need to ask a few quick and simple questions to suss out whether you get what it is that we are embarking on. Also, whether you are willing (as the rest of us are) to engage on the same level, or not. If not, that ok. If so, we both know it is a good fit and this will make the event more powerful for all of us. 

Not sure...? 
Need to talk to someone first? 
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