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A powerful online community
of men committed to growing our
relationship MUSCLES! 
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What we promise


  1. BE SEEN and HEARD within a private, confidential and compassionate space we have created online. 
  2. BELONG to a COMMUNITY of honest and courageous men equally committed to growing their relationships. 
  3. CHECK-IN with a BUDDY weekly to create closer connections and get follow up support. 
  4. JOIN the MONTHLY CALLS for breakthroughs, insights and encouragement only possible in a live group.  


  1. GET CLEAR "DARES" based on science and experience that help you to create the deepest connection with your partner (and self) in the shortest and least effortful way.
  2. DESIGN a PERSONALIZED ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM to help you to take action even when you don't feel like it. 
  3. COMPLETE LEVELS of graduated difficulty which demands more courage but also create more impact for you and your partner. 
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You May be Wondering...


I'm glad you take that as seriously as we do. FIRST, to be honest, unless we use some double encryption software and take extreme precautions with our identities, nothing online (not even such precautions) lead to 100% security. Much as in life! SECOND, we are using a platform called MIGHTY NETWORK (MN) which ~ unlike any other social media provider ~ allows us the following security and benefits: NONE of the content we create is owned by MN - they just provide the hosting and platform. As the admin and owner of THE BOND, we have access to but we would not share or use any of your comments or images, etc, without your full permission and joyful agreement. There are ZERO ADS and no sharing of any data with third parties. There are NO distractions - just the content and community you come in to connect with. Each member also swears to a pledge of CONFIDENTIALITY -- to not share any stories of other men with out their full consent.

How is it different/same as THE MASTERHEART?

Great question! You can learn more about the MASTERHEART here. In brief it is a tight group of highly committed men meeting in Toronto, Canada once a month. We do everything involved in The Bond, but in person and experientially. In addition, we also facilitate space for healing and more advanced training and mentoring levels. Why we created THE BOND? Relationships ~ both intimate and with friends ~ demand ongoing consistency and continuity to deepen and grow. The BOND was first created as a space for us in the Masterheart to continue to support and challenge one another outside our our face to face intensives (only once per month). Also, many men who live too far or wish to experience the potent pathways of growth and support we have pioneered asked us to include them. This is the most practical and effective way we have found to deepen our bonds and to help each other to grow relational muscles online together.

How much does it COST?

$14.99 per month. The price of a good meal or more comparatively, about 7 minutes of time with a decent relationship coach or therapist. To us it is the cost of basically keeping the lights on and keeping it running well. How do we manage to tend a high calibre community with such a low fee? Mostly, because we share the load and do it out of love. The question I ask you is "How much is it worth to you to have a private, secure, and confidential space to been seen and heard and supported to grow in your relationship - with 24/7 access?"

Why do I need to APPLY first...?

Two reasons... First, it's all about making sure THE BOND is full only of men in integrity with the values we espouse. The company of men we keep affects the quality of man we each become. Second, "The Bond" community demands a certain level of trust and commitment that is rare and needs to be cultivated. Your application allows us both to suss out if you are up for this or not.

Can I get my money back if...?

DEPENDS... This ain't a "let me see what this is and watch on the sidelines" kinda place. That being said, you do need to test it out to see if and how it works, for you. So, here's the deal. If you participate in some of the warm invitations and at least one of the "dares" (relationship challenges) with sincerity and you don't see any positive impacts on yourself and your partner (rare though that is) we will gladly hand you back your fifteen bones and wish you well. No questions asked.

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