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of men committed to growing our
relationship MUSCLES! 
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What we promise


  1. BE SEEN and HEARD within a private, confidential and compassionate space we have created online. 
  2. BELONG to a COMMUNITY of honest and courageous men equally committed to growing their relationships. 
  3. CHECK-IN with a BUDDY weekly to create closer connections and get follow up support. 
  4. JOIN the MONTHLY CALLS for breakthroughs, insights and encouragement only possible in a live group.  


  1. GET CLEAR "DARES" based on science and experience that help you to create the deepest connection with your partner (and self) in the shortest and least effortful way.
  2. DESIGN a PERSONALIZED ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM to help you to take action even when you don't feel like it. 
  3. COMPLETE LEVELS of graduated difficulty which demands more courage but also create more impact for you and your partner. 
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