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Self-awareness is the
 seed of power and love
Ready to find out...?

Take the QUIZ

"But, I don't trust some algorhythm to define me..."

Neither do we.

That's why we keep it simple.

Answer the three questions below

to help you decide your own style.

So, what's my Conflict Style? 

Click on the shape

that came up most for you 



One, READ more in depth about the 3 Shapes

Two, scroll below to see what you can do about it...

Can I change my shape?

Yes and No.


NO, in that we cannot stop being that shape. 


The shapes we take by default under stress and conflict are hard wired (think Fight, Flight, Freeze).

YES, in that we can choose to evolve our response.

Your self-awareness is a seed (potential).

Will you choose to grow it and master conflict?


Copy of LOVE WARRIOR.jpg
Want to evolve
your shape?

We ask from ourselves and one another...


A 6 month commitment to stay in it together.


We count on another to show up regularly and be in reciprocal relationship ~ both giving to and receiving from one another.  




There is a pay-what-you-can sliding scale

between $100-150/month

which means $600 - 900 for the next half year

(October 'till end of March 2021).


Please reach out to discuss options/concerns.

Need to experience it first?
Need to experience it first?
More questions? 
More questions? 
More questions? 

A value and respect a man who is deliberate and discerning before he commits.


If you need to talk it out to help you make the best decision (either way) please reach out and... 

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