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4 Hours in the dojo together

Watch below to see what to expect...

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Join me for some intense working through
of our relational wounds together?
April 30th
, 2023

~ to pay for rental. All extra revenue to go into our scholarship

6 spots left.

Don't worry. We will run this again atleast 1-2 times this year.

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What men said about similar though less intensive training in the past...


"What caught my attention was how my instincts are to control…


As soon as I was able to take my hands off and go with the flow… It really felt liberating but also so valuable.


...Being able to talk to my partner in that context is wonderful."   


~ Scott


"Even if we have these deeply ingrained patterns that repeat over and over in our relationships, that's not to say that we can't shift these patterns. We can introduce new patterns.


I'm really excited to physically be able to do that while staying more grounded -- and in my power.


I now have this recognition that there's a

better way, a more skillful way." 


 ~ Hamza




"What I notice now are all the places where I turn away on a regular basis. When I have the Relationship Aikido skills in my body, it feels like I actually have a better shot at working with my wife on these conflicts. 

She’s also commented on how I’m shifting the way I enter conflict and that’s a hopeful thing."                                                                 

        ~ Jerry 


"We've been together 28 years and I'm very conscious about how when we would trigger each other earlier in our relationship. It would take 6 hours or 2 days of "working through it". 


Now we still trigger each other, but we get it done in 45 minutes... a half hour.


It's a very gratifying satisfying because I know that this stuff does work. It takes time for me (a lot of time) but it works!


My relationship has never been better.


This makes me very happy."  


~ David



"For me, my default pattern has been to freeze and let the other person have their way, which creates this resentment in me which builds over time and turns to rage.


What I'm learning from Relationship Aikido is that it's okay for me to find my center, later. Even if I start by freezing, one step later, I can align myself, find myself and re-engage... 


...and that's something I haven't done in the past and I want to bring it to my relationships now."    


~ Clive


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