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Restless and
not sure why?
Consider this...

Are doing what you should be doing? 


Are you doing it  the "right” way


Are you getting up at 5am because your coach told you to?


Chasing the ever moving target of professional success and getting that pat on the back?


Keeping loved ones happy and content by being the good man?

Checking off ALL the damn boxes...


All the while....


Feeling exhausted, emptied, and bored... 

Maybe even resentful, anxious and in quiet despair?

So, as you lay your head on your pillow, begging for rest... 

Are you able to keep those
unruly emotions at bay? 

Probably not.


And, who the f*ck could!

"There's gotta be another way..."

...Between the sanitized box of being Mr. Nice Guy and the destructive wake of an emotional tantrum.... 


You might be caught between your own version of a rock and a hard place. 



There’s got to be another way. 


I want to invite you to an opportunity to get to know this other way.


This won’t be through meditation.


This isn’t exactly a ‘safe’ process either...

Though we will definitely be creating a web of support for this wild encounter. 


There is no liability form to sign.


If you show up, you take on the responsibility for yourself.


You won’t be coerced or forced.


You’ll be invited into an experience that has elements of danger.


It’s not about proving ourselves or hurting ourselves either.


It’s about getting uncomfortable in a visceral and physical way. That is the crucible.


This is what it will take to reveal to each of us, this other way...  




some outdoor location ~

to be disclosed to men who RSVP. 


Evening of


AUG 21st, 2021



100% of profits to go to a charity of Michael's choice.

What happens after you RSVP 

1.We send you a personal note confirming and asking you to pay by etransfer directly to secure your spot. 


2. We follow up with details of where and when to meet and what you can bring. 

We know this demands a lot of trust. 

If you have any questions burning inside, please feel free to... 

“That was exactly what I needed.


To get out of my damn head and really listen to what's going on inside me...

“When I let go of trying to figure shit out and just enjoyed this Walkabout with you all... 

I got insights and this incredible energy started to bubble up naturally..."

"I can't believe these 3 hours flew by.


When and where is the next adventure? I'm sooo there!"

Ready to

Wait! Have more question? 

If so, click here to ask me... anything. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 8.09.52 AM.png

for considering joining us.

Men's feedback on our past adventures...  

"Real adventure is not about

doing something risky or foolish

but daring to heed the invitation

of turning towards the unknown...

Such calls often

comes through a good friend."

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