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Men helping one another to thrive in relationships!



Cultivate the precise HABITS to strengthen and deepen your BONDS through life...
This private event is happening in just... 
To understand WHY we need this,
WATCH this video below first:
WHAT you will learn if you show up:

We'll spend the Saturday afternoon literally digging in our garden and also metaphorically tending to your relationship gardenThis will involve:

  • Assessing our soil  -- getting clear about the baseline moods and behaviours which make up the soil and bedrock of our relationships. 

  • Choosing our seeds wisely -- deciding on what qualities we want to plant in our gardens (relationships). 

  • Clearing Space -- which will include some light "weeding": noticing the little things that grow into bigger patterns that need to be done less. 

  •  Growing Lasting Love Habits -- which will be all about the science and art of making sure the seeds we planted grow and grow into stronger plants that make the most positive impact on both us and our partners need less conscious tending and care. 


PS - There is a adult sized POOL involved! Bring some swimwear!

WHEN is it...?

1:30 - 5pm* 


August 11th

* Don't be late! But if you want to come later, contact David to discern if that is possible.

WHERE is it?

David & Maria's Garden

        Tucked away in East side of Toronto, Ontario

              Get the address when you RSVP below... 

WHAT if I am out of town!?

AND you really want to join us? 

We are videotaping segments to share privately afterwards. If you want access, please contact David (see below).

How much does it cost?

To pay for the time and invest in building the process for other men, I am asking that you Pay-What-You-Want... 


You will be asked to do this at the end. The recommended range is between $20-60. But, ultimately, I hope that what you gift back monetarily will depend on what you can afford and what you feel you got out of the experience. I will give you an envelope so you can do this in confidence. 

Got any questions or ready to R.S.V.P...?
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