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If "Not for me" or "Not now"
is true for you...
Five things I wish you to hear before you go...

"I respect you for making a decision." 

There is no better way to learn about ourselves and relationships than by making a clear choice and seeing where it takes us. I hope the next steps you take bring you closer to co-creating the powerful and loving relationship you've been longing for.  


"You have the power to make your relationship better."

I know it's tempting to blame your partner, your relationship compatibility or even yourself, but here's what I know to be true. Each of us has the power to be more loving and to learn to more deeply influence our partners towards mutual happiness. 


"And... It's ok to want to and even to decide to leave." 

You may or may not be questioning your relationship. If you are, I want to validate how normal and natural that is. And if you want help getting some clarity about whether to stay or go (whichever may be best for you and everyone involved) click here to go on a choose-your-own adventure. 


"You don't have to ~ and you can't ~ do this alone."

We've been bread since infancy as men to see ourselves as Islands and to learn to walk the earth as Lone Wolves. This may help us survive or even succeed as individuals, but it is also the biggest reason why marriages fail and good men get taken down by depression. No relationship can thrive without a community of powerful and loving friends. I hope you have that or are in a position to create it for yourself going forward. 


"If you come back, we'll be here, ready to welcome you..." 

The Powerful And Loving (PAL) community is a life long commitment for me (David J.). It's what I need to help my marriage thrive and it brings me incredible joy to see men I care about not only becoming more fulfilled in their relationships and also how that ripples out to make us all more powerful and effective in the greater world.  

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