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Father and Children

WISER Parenting

100 minute masterclass to help you begin... 

May this deeper conversation
help you to begin asking the
right questions...

Vivek Patel and David Jurasek have 50+ years of experience as fathers and in helping parents and kids to grow with greater 
courage, respect, love and wisdom.  

Want a taste? 
Watch this 6 mins. clip:

The full 100 mins conversation...

Prefer to listen instead?

Download or play below...

Key Highlights

1:40 - Warming up & getting embodied

How do we honour our physical selves - especially when sitting and being online (zoom) to become more relaxed together. 

7:50 - Managing Transitions and Flow

How do we manage transitions and our sense of inter-connectedness in ways that lower the natural anxiety and help us to bond us more deeply.   

10:30 - Caring about BOUNDARIES

How do we go beyond "teaching" or "asserting" boundaries and really cultivate a mutual desire to recognize and care about one another's desires and limits.

15:30 - Healing the Inner Child

How do we begin with ourselves, becoming the change in the family by validating our own deepest desires. 

17:00 - Not saying No?

Asking Vivek to elaborate more specifically about limits (continuation of the 6 minute teaser above). 

21:00 - Torrent of Wise Parenting Quotes

David unleashes his favourite relevant parenting quotes form the experts and ages... 

22:50 - Parenting as a MARTIAL ART

We discuss how Ninjitsu and Aikido have informed our parenting.

28:50 - Un-shoulding Parents

Giving permission to be imperfect and have lots of negative emotions. 

30:30 - Working with HARD Feelings

How do we address our own anger, hurt, grief, and fears as parents so we can show up authentically and whole-heartedly for our families. 

34:00 - 2 Systems - grasping cause & effect

How do we understanding consequences of our emotions and behaviours more accurately and holistically. 

38:50 - Blameless Responsibility & Science

How do we hold ourselves accountable. David shares research on the impact of kids and parents's emotions on mental health. 

42:00 - Sympathy to Deeper Empathy...

How do we distinguish deeper empathy which is powerful from "speedy repression" and sympathy. 

42:00 - Sympathy to Deeper Empathy...

How do we distinguish deeper empathy which is powerful from "speedy repression" and sympathy. 

56:40 - Parent Entitlement and S.M.A.B.O.

We dig into parental entitlement and Vivek's saying of "Small Moments Affect Big Ones." 

1:09:30 - It takes TIME, a SLOOOW Process

We are humbled considering how many decades of practice and learning it has taken to get here and to always be learning. 

1:11:45 - "Telling my daughter I have cancer"

Vivek recounts the day he told his daughter and how they held it together. 

1:14:15 - Fear of Failure - even with 100K followers

Vivek digs into what comes up for him even with a large following.

1:19:20 - On Vulnerability and Protectiveness

Giving permission to close up at times and how to open up as well.

1:21:50 - On POWER and LOVE

Discussing the paradigm and paradox of holding both as a parent.

1:28:00 - Growing up feeling Worthless

What we take away from challenging childhoods. 

1:29:40 - Being a Parenting Expert...

We discuss the dynamics of being in the spotlight, trying to stay authentic and helpful. 

1:33:20 - Vivek Wearing His Father's Shirt

This cuts deep into Vivek's evolving relationship to his father.

1:40:40 - David's Dare to Digest All this... 

David invites us to take the next step beyond watching and listening to continue being the change you wish to see in your family. 

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