to PLAY!

The shortcut to become more PRESENT

and CONNECT more deeply 

It started with a life-changing conversation

about some serious conflict and suffering... 

Playfulness came up...  


Not as an escape or to minimize


But as the best response

to address and respond. 

Listen below...

Then the interview was read far and wide on the web... 

But, why stop there?!

We want to PRACTICE what we PREACH!

So we are doing exactly that!

Learn to PLAY with us? 

90 minutes of authentic

laughter and deep practice.


to PLAY!

Learn the art of being playful in the most challenging moments!


with a small band of men committed

to growing relational muscles!

4pm - 5:30pm


JUNE 20th, 2020

It's P.W.Y.W.

(pay what you wish)

All proceeds will go to

Equal Justice Initiate

to support racial justice!


Limited to 16 Playful Men

Only 10 spots left! 

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