Sick of the stupid fights?
Want to step up and be the man who stops the madness?
You've likely already tried...

Talking about it... with your partner.

Made it even worse between you!

Ruminating... trying to figure it out on your own.

Made you feel more guilty and even more confused!

Following experts' advice...

Found it un-natural and hard to

actually do!

Couples Counselling:  because your partner made you. Or you made them.


It was expensive, dredging up pain, results were not as big, and felt like a slow path...


You may have...
done your homework, reading our
free series on mastering intimate conflicts below...



do we keep having stupid fights?

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do we Master Conflicts?

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 7.21.18 AM.png



can we go to learn to Master Conflicts

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Are you ready to become a
Looking for a more POWERFUL & DYNAMIC
(fun and effective)
 way that WORKS?
RA - logo (4).png

A powerful training

in our virtual dojo


Here's what our students learn...


LEARN + Practice these skills to  become a "LOVE WARRIOR" who has masterY over conflict:

Complete these challenges...

How to


tension and conflict instantly -- creating more safety and respect

with you and your partner.

How to


criticism and blame

(as well as physical attacks) which would normally hurt you and trigger your reflex to counter attack!

How to



when you get hooked into a power struggle of trying to change your partner or collapse into giving in too much and becoming resentful. 




so you can quickly assess the most potent pathways for mutual satisfaction and decisively move you and your partner forward together. 

How to



emotionally so that you

don't keep replaying painful patterns. Instead, awaken new and more positive emotions that make

change easier! 

by men who train with us...


"What caught my attention was how my instincts are to control…


As soon as I was able to take my hands off and go with the flow It really felt liberating but also so valuable.


...Being able to talk to my partner in that context is wonderful."   ~ Scott



"Even if we have these deeply ingrained patterns that repeat over and over in our relationships, that's not to say that we can't shift these patterns. We can introduce new patterns.


I'm really excited to physically be able to do that while staying more grounded -- and in my power.


I now have this recognition that there's a

better way, a more skillful way." ~ Hamza




"What I notice now are all the places where I turn away on a regular basis. When I have the Relationship Aikido skills in my body, it feels like I actually have a better shot at working with my wife on these conflicts. 


She’s also commented on how I’m shifting the way I enter conflict and that’s a hopeful thing."       ~ Jerry 


"We've been together 28 years and I'm very conscious about how when we would trigger each other earlier in our relationship. It would take 6 hours or 2 days of "working through it". 


Now we still trigger each other, but we get it done in 45 minutes... a half hour.


It's a very gratifying satisfying because I know that this stuff does work. It takes time for me (a lot of time) but it works!


My relationship has never been better.


This makes me very happy. ~ David



"For me, my default pattern has been to freeze and let the other person have their way, which creates this resentment in me which builds over time and turns to rage.


What I'm learning from Relationship Aikido is that it's okay for me to find my center, later. Even if I start by freezing, one step later, I can align myself, find myself and re-engage... 


...and that's something I haven't done in the past and I want to bring it to my relationships now."    ~ Clive


How does the

training work?


moving at

your own pace...


 to SHIFT CONFLICTs quickly





HOW MUCH does it cost?

The potential rewards are priceless and the costs in making this are too high to account.


We'll be launching the public version for $300 by year end.


But, right now, we are extending a special invite to friends and our original students to become our ONLINE DOJO founding members and beta testors for this ecourse training.


This means in exchange for 67% off of the fee ($97), you agree to:


1. Give us honest feedback to make this training not just effective and "Great!" (as it is now)  but INCREDIBLE... LIFE CHANGING... and UNFORGETTABLE!

2. Help us build a truly POWERFUL and LOVING community which is a private and safe online space which men will want to come back to again and again to refresh their understanding, deepen their skills and support one another. This means you invest in supporting the other men training at your side. 


BEFORE you join you need to know.. 

RELATIONSHIP AIKIDO is NOT for men who are... 


  • Still blaming their partner for the stupid fights between them.

  • Looking for online arguments and mental wank fests. 

  • Are not sure and so join us to see what "happens". 

  • Want to hide and not share any part of themselves.

  • Happy to sit back and consume the content passively. 


We don't want your money or excuses. Wish you well elsewhere...


Only men ready to get humble,
get real, and to train with COURAGE
need apply
NOT ready?

Got More questions?

What most men are wondering...

Is it private and confidential?

Yes, and... Here's what's fully PRIVATE: Our program's ecourse platform is password protected. Your personal info is fully encrypted when you buy. What you decide to share in comments within our private community is not owned by us or shared with anyone else. And, when you create your profile within our community, you decide how much info to share. Here's what's CONFIDENTIAL: We encourage sharing with an accountability buddy (that you meet in the program) in a way that is honest and helps you to learn and stay on track. We hold the standard of "confidentiality" as sacred. Everyone swears to not share about others outside of the program. IF you shared with someone and they broke confidence, we can't control or stop them from doing so. What we would do is respond to the action firmly with consequences of a repair (making things right with you). If they don't reply with sincerity and action to make it better, we would swiftly kick them out.

What if it doesn't work for me? (GUARANTEE)??

Ah, yes. Well, let us say first that nothing works unless we work it. Now, here's the TOUGH LOVE GUARANTEE explained (for those who missed it above)... IF you do the whole program or at least watch all the videos and do your best to complete each challenge, AND you are unsatisfied with the results... Then, YES, we'll refund you the full amount you paid. No further questions asked. BUT, if you just skimmed through and did not try to do the challenges, then NOPE, you get no money back. Instead of wasting your or our time, you can choose to do the work before you decide if you want your money back.

What about my partner?

RELATIONSHIP AIKIDO (R.A.) is for men exclusively. If you learn the lessons and practice the skills (as we encourage and support you to) they will experience the impact of your evolution from contributing to stupid fights to leading you both towards conflict mastery and transformation. R.A. is about taking 100% responsibility for ourselves. Trust in your own power. When you partner sees the results and if they are interested, you may share with them the content... BUT please don't give them access to the comments and community portion (that is private and confidential space for the men committed to this training).

 Is it finally your time
to train and become a
the man who takes lead
to master and transform 
the stupid fights in his relationship,
breaking through to deeper
 levels of intimacy, rock solid trust, incredible passion and loving respect?
We're in the dojo, training... 
Ready for you!