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Want to feel less alone, confused, and ashamed about issues in the bedroom? 

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Imagine being able to finally 
speak freely and openly about it! 

Gain invaluable understanding from fellow men and skillful guidance from mentors who know the terrain.


What terrain does our 8 week men's group
SASS (Sex And Sexuality Series) cover? 

See our map below

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Details about S.A.S.S....


SASS (Sex And Sexuality Series) is an 8 week program which will blend education and deep conversations with seasoned guidance and support in some sensitive areas like

  • Relating to porn and unique desires, fetishes. 

  • Our identity as men if we have diverse orientations (like gay and bi-sexuality, trans)

  • Performance issues and our sense of virility.

  • Healthy kink.

  • Monogamy and polyamory.

  • Compassionate and healthy perspectives towards self and others so they can have more easy and frank conversations. 

  • Expressing sexual desires to your partner/lover in a way that reduces rejection and leads to deeper intimacy.


The weekly sessions are two hours long to give ample time to explore what arises for men in the room. There is a cap on the numbers (12 + leaders) and the format will shift from large group, small group and dyadic learning to maintain intimacy and time for everyone to share. 


Our sessions run live on a privacy encrypted zoom channel and are surprisingly very intimate.



BRIAN Lynn - (heard in the video above) will lead us with decades of experience in life and sex conscious growth communities (including kink and polyamory). He brings both curiousity and a depth of knowledge, playfulness and personal authority, and a humility grounded in genuine compassion while also a clear desire and skills to help men access their deeper sexual potential.

DAVID Jurasek - the founder of PAL is co-leading and assisting Brian, coming in with many questions of his own and a keen desire to push the boundaries in his own sexual understanding.  Having worked with men around porn and sex addiction and struggled with his own sexual identity, he has seen the power of men speaking openly about sex and sexuality for the first time -- how it can liberate them at last from the shackles of fear and shame that have been holding them back from more satisfying intimacy. 


Mondays at 7:30 - 9:30pm (EST)

We start on FEB. 27th 

Ending April 24th



Earlybird deadline to pay $700 (saving $100) is February 10th.

*Limited scholarships are available. 

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Ready to sign up (maybe)?

To discern if this is a good fit for you at this time and - if so - to rsvp with us, fill our private questionnaire below... 

8 spots left.

No rush or false scarcity. We will run this again! 

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