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Masterclass on how to quickly shift negative criticism into powerful truth which brings you much closer...

"I Can See Clearly Now"

What if...

Instead of taking things personally,
biting your tongue and
becoming quietly 

You could quickly shift
the worst
 negative judgment which has wounded you the most into... 

Speaking your truth freely and
in a way that is
deeply compelling
making your love even stronger.

There is a way...

Two hours to change how you see yourself and the world

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Are you ready to be free of wincing at
or swallowing your own truth?

THURSDAY, March 23/23

STEP 1. Do the PREP. to gain entry. 


First, get it here.


Then COMPLETE and submit it to me to RSVP*


* First 11 men who respond get a spot.  

STEP 2. The payment is 3 points of feedback 


I am asking not for monetary contribution but for you to help me fine tune this potent process by filling out a quick (5-10 mins survey) at three times: 

1. Before arriving. 

2. Immediately after

3. 7 days later. 

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Ready to start the
process right now

Download the preparation package below. 

Complete and send back to earn a spot in

the pilot before I charge $60-120 for this publicly.

9 spots left.

No rush or false scarcity.

We will run this again publicly! 

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