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How to be AUTHENTIC without being an A-HOLE
and truly LOVING without being a PLEASER
Man with shirt
Tired of biting your tongue
or being blamed for being mean?

One moment you feel like you take things too personally. 


Another you find yourself throwing an arrow, eyes squinting, so critical of someone you love, you feel embarrassed afterwards. 


You wish you could to hide that nasty sharp acid tongue.




You hate having to silence yourself. 


You also KNOW that there is some vital truth in you. 




The tension is exhausting… 




They know. 


Your wife, your son or daughter. Your friend. Your family member. 


They can smell the judgement in you. 


They already feel your disapproval and make the worst of it in their heads, going into their own worst stories of being excluded, unwanted, unloved and inadequate…  


IF you don’t speak up it will only thicken the tension and widen the chasm between you. 


If you do, the egg shells will not only break but land mines will likely go off.


AAAAAAHHHHHH ! What the fuck can we do!? 

As a conscientious man,
you’ve probably tried …

Being reasonable


Being spiritual


Practicing Mindfully acceptance 




Taking ownership and speaking right (NVC)...

Does it really work? 
all your questions answered...
What do you mean it's not a "retreat"?
The point of this is rather than to "getaway" it is to finally come back home and to live more our heart's realm. This is the only place where deeper clarity, courage, wisdom and fulfillment are found.  
Also, the time in between our group sessions is not spent being away from the world but immersed with our loved ones and in solitude in a nourishing way.  
Is it possible to connect deeply "online"?
Yes, when we are truly heart connected, we connect deeply through any medium, accross any distance. If we are in our heads, it doesn't matter if we are lying in a bed together, the connection is neither deep nor as true. 
And, this experiential was not made as an adaption to COVID. We've been testing and pioneering how to create deep and genuine bonds online, for years. 

Yeah, ok, but how does it really work?


The teachings are very simple and yet profound in terms of their immediate impact. 


Everything we talk about we experience personally and reflect on together. 


There is an amplified field of learning that comes from the group experience. We share deeply from our own experiences and are reflected on by others. 


We keep it spacious and focused by capping it at 12 men, including myself as the lead. 

We get even more intimate by splitting into small groups and 1-1.

What are the "lessons"?
There are no lessons, exactly. I will unveil to over 5 separate calls, The 5 Powers of The Heart which we will be exploring together.
See more below.... 
Call # 1
The Power to CLARIFY

Right away, we travel from our heads down to the heart of the matter. The rest of the weekend, we’ll be returning to strengthen our connection to this clarity and deeper knowing.

“I floored by how quickly this helped me to get clear. I had so many questions which were burning holes in my head. Now I feel certain and a bit nervous but I really do know what I need to do next....

Call #2  
The Power to RECONCILE

In this call, we learn a simple body based path which helps men to quickly dissolve conflict, holding creative tension instead to become more dynamic in relationships, able to bring together estranged parties and forge deeper alliances. 

“I never thought my wife and I would see eye to eye or get on the same page. She hasn’t changed one bit. It was me who made the bridge between us. I feel like a rock star seeing how disarmed she is when I do that...."

Call #3  
The Power to TRANSFORM

When we engage with this innate power of the heart, magic happens in the form of “negative” emotions evolving into powerful positive states, evolving our thoughts, feelings and behaviour into more powerful and loving ways of being. 

“I’m beside myself. I always feel better after one of these processes but it keeps getting better. I feel much more at peace and fucking good… How does this happen so again?"

Call #4  
The Power to DISCERN

This is where most of us can get stuck. Having awakened the previous 3 powers of the heart, it becomes natural and easeful to assess complexity and choose the better way forward.

“Ok. I see new options, have made a decision and feel the courage to step forward. Shit!

Can we do this about other parts of my life?”

Call #5  
The Power to FULFILL

Once men really get this lesson to understand the core of what creates negative and positive emotions and awaken their  power to tend to what matters most, nothing stands in our way of being happier, healthier and cultivating true confidence and deeper intimacy. 

“I can’t believe how much more joy, passion and confidence I feel… and I know it’s because I have been filling up that bowl and learning how to keep it full… what a paradigm shift.”

Remaining DETAILS
which matter

FRIDAY, Sept. 25

- Sunday, Sept 27



Friday @ 8pm - CLARIFY

Saturday @ 8am - RECONCILE

                    1pm - TRANSFORM

                    8pm - DISCERN

Sunday @ 9am ~ FULFILL

More about TIME commitment 


Before the weekend ~ I will send you a few ways you can choose to prepare


During the retreat weekend ~ in between the calls, there will be some daring practices to take things further on your own and also encouragement to actively reflect and integrate. And also lots of spaciousness to rest and digest, spending time with people you love or in sweet solitude. 


Each call will be 75 minutes split up roughly as follows...

10 - warming up

10 - teaching and evoking

20 - deep exploration

30 - sharing and responding

5 - Honouring & Closing

What about the COST?


Which means you decide what you feel is best to contribute. 

I know some of us can get gummed up about $ so I offer a range to consider. To honour my time and commitment if I receive $50-150 from each man my heart will be grateful and full. 

And if finances are really tight, the door will not be shut to any man who is sincere and ready for this deep dive. 

Ready to

Wait! Why do I have to apply? 

Two reasons. 


One, this is an advanced training which will only make sense for certain men. The quick survey you fill out to apply will help us discern if you are ready for this. 


Two, we're creating a sacred space together on this weekend. This is the first step to create that container. 

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

~ St. Exupery

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