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So, you're mostly


but you want to create MORE...

passion, intimacy, joy

(you name it)... 

You have the power

to lead and create

what is missing...  

3 Things to consider...  
  1. What we long for already exists, but needs to be revealed... 

Like the sculptor chiselling away at a block of stone, what we believe to be missing is already within us. Another way to consider it is that it is buried deep in the fertile soil of the relationship. Half the job is to discover what we have done to hide it from ourselves and keep it buried. The other half is to cultivate and nurture it so it grows! 

To discover WHO has sabotaged your quest for an even more fulfilling bond, take the quiz here.

2. We can all learn to create better relationships.

No matter how fulfilled we may be, the journey of growing and deepening our relationships is life long. We believe that first and foremost our greatest relationship teacher is our own heart, which acts as a compass and a source of relational intelligence needed to create a ever more fulfilling relationship.

Find out more about HOW we do that here. 

3. None of us can thrive alone.  

Despite our conditioning as men, none of us is an island. And though we may have learned to be ultra independent, that paradigm is inadequate in the intimate arena. It takes a tribe to help us thrive in our relationships. That is why we learn skills and the art and science of relationships in a community of equally committed men. Learn more about our local group and see our online community here.

Which path will you take next?

DISCOVERwhat holds you back

Take the Relationship SABOTEUR

QUIZ below...

Want to


If you are in TORONTO (Canada), consider applying to our Masterheart group...



Learn about our private and potent 24/7 community THE BOND...

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