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Want to awaken your



You watched the video (above) and know you want to grow this fire in yourself ~ to give to others?



It costs $7.


Simply watch and follow along

7 videos (1/day)

10-15 minutes each. 

Because W.T.F. is NOT for every man,

to see if its a good fit, please apply below:


Not ready? 


Want more info? 


 SEE below...

What other men say...


Jerry on "daring to be seen..." 


Clive on "Not enough time?" 

So, what is it really?


You do something to awaken real sensations of passion, power and presence in your body. 

There is no course or training. 


It’s a dare.


A wild and unmitigated experiment.


Forget guarantees.


In fact, as you’ll see below it is an UN-training. 

Here’s what else it's NOT… 


X - NOT an excercize routine


Those are for good little robots who want to build form. We’re doing this to trans-form. (more on that below)


X - NOT about proving anything... 


F*ck all that. And forget sharing any of this on your insta or tweeta or other social media channels.


You will likely feel all self-conscious anyway as we invite you to do some weird shit… This is for YOU to connect more deeply to a fire within you. 


- NOT a prescription of shoulds... 


No need for that b.s.


Every man who has dared to engage in this 7 day process and experiment has awakened something unique and dear to him.


Comparison is useless and lame. So are shoulds. 



So, what does it demand...? 


ONCE a day, for 7 days you press play to WATCH a 10-20 minute video...

...AND... JOIN US in taking the dare.  


That's it. 

Is it hard...? 

NO. But it may not be easy. Ease comes from deciding to embrace something rather than to judge, or try to change it. 


If you let yourself move and breathe with us in new ways, exploring what feels right for you, you will find it more and more easy. Perhaps even effortless. 


How does it work?


By tapping into your body’s intelligence for a mere few minutes a day for 7 days, you will begin or deepen an existing relationship with yourself through your body. 


This relationship is not only with your body, but because your body houses your whole self, it involves awakening more deeper aspects of your mind, heart and soul as well.

Connecting to yourself... 

-- There are many ways how, we can show you several -- 

...will change you.


Not making you something different or new, but revealing your deeper nature.

Ready to apply? 

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“Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, 'This is the real me,' and when you have found that attitude, follow it.”
― William James