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Worried your man is questioning your relationship?

Want to know what you can do?


NO, thanks!

What happens if you click "YES, I want to know" above? 

First, you will get a personal video from my wife and I, which will help you to feel less alone and more understood.


Second, you will also get a document that outlines the 3 Steps you have the power to take which will do two things. One it will help you to create the love you've been longing for and which you deserve. And, two, it will certainly spur your man to commit more deeply to loving you or to help you both end the unfulfilled relationship in the most clear and loving way possible. 

HEARTFELT ANSWER:   I've been that guy, who -- over and over again, in so many relationships -- was not fully committed. I ended up hurting so many good women. Thanks to my fiercely honest and loving wife and a community of powerful men, I've stopped that painful pattern in my life. Now it's time I payed back a karmic debt. 

SOMEWHAT SELFISH ANSWER: My hope is that some partners who get help from this resource will feel a natural desire to invite their men to come and check out the resources we offer here for them specifically.

Our mission at POWERFUL AND LOVING (PAL) is to help the men who are ready to look at themselves honestly, to learn to heal themselves and to grow the emotional intelligence needed to thrive in relationships.

But, we're only looking for the right kind of men - those ready to do whatever-it-takes. That's where you may or may not come in.  

Why am I giving this help ~ without asking for anything?

PS ~ You don't have to feel powerless or suffer alone.               You can transform the situation you are in now.

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