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Men helping one another to thrive in relationships!


Learn the SKILLS to transform relationship conflicts (and unhelpful patterns) into deeper confidence and connection.
This private event is happening in just... 
WHAT you will learn if you show up:

We'll spend the Sunday afternoon doing Relational AIKIDO in a real dojo where I train in Toronto (see details below). This will involve:​

​Joining a douzen or two of highly committed men on the martial art mats, we will warm up and get into our bodies!

We will gather to watch as you will gain critical awareness of what the most common patterns driving break up, divorce and deep disconnect really are in the most concrete and undeniable way.

Then, I'll give you a map to learn the simple Relational Aikido Alphabet  to follow in any situation.  This will give you the 4 key skills to create more connection quickly and REVERSE this unconscious love corroding instincts we have as men. 

We'll spend most  of the time in deep practice, learning to: 

  • Disarm critical and blaming attacks -- doing so with deep empathy, physical intelligence and quick skill.

  • Transform dynamics of avoidance -- it is crazy how simple and easy this is and yet how we don't do it! 

  • How to regain your power when feeling controlled or bossed around -- this is a game changer for many men. It has been for me. 

  • Dissolve feelings of being suphocated -- I am excited about this! We'll look at the dynamics of feeling cornered and suphocated in our relationships and learn how to dissolve the emotions to find spaciousness and freedom while in the thick of receiving our partner's needs.

  • Creating Powerful Trigger Cues  -- to help us when we go back home to be able to quickly and easily shift into a state that is most centered - most effective and most compassionate.

WHEN is it...?

11am- 4pm* 


July 14th, 2019

* Don't be late! But if you want to come later, contact David to discern if that is possible.

WHERE is it?


473 Oakwood Ave, Toronto, Ontario

WHAT if I am out of town!?

AND you really want to join us? 


We've been working on an online training.  

If you are curious, see more here.

How much does it cost?

To pay for the time and invest in building the process for other men, and  be inclusive of men at different levels of income, we ask that you pay on a sliding scale... 


The recommended range is between $50-80.

Also, since we are opening up the online training (beta version) also, we are giving a special rate of $100 for both.


Note, the ecourse will be sold at $200-300 in the fall. 


Got any questions or ready to R.S.V.P...?
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