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You can finally decide
~ to STAY or GO? ~
with the clarity, certainty
and courage necessary to create deeper intimacy and lasting love

Thinking about it: Trying to figure it out on your own.

Made you even more confused!

Talking about it: with your partner and friends. 

Seems to bring up insecurity with your partner and everyone has advice and judgments about what you "should" do.

Following experts' advice: all the relationship gurus online and in books make it sound so simple and easy. 

Found it hard to actually do and felt like a failure!

Couples Counselling: You went because your partner made you. Or you made them.

It was too expensive, dredging up pain, with no end in sight...

And then you spent some time at
(our free self-help training)...
Missed it? To find out you have 5 options - not 2 - go here

Where, looking back... have ZERO regrets...

...Only gratitude

for how you made

this life-changing  decision...

You've already tried...
So, what's it really 
going to take to make the




Answer all your WHY questions dissolving confusion and doubt, and clarify deeper dynamics of emotional sabotage

at play.




 Transforming sabotage to gain emotional freedom and certainty about how you need to navigate staying or going in the most powerful and loving way. 




Decide with a complete sense of the consequences and possibilities ahead, feeling at peace and united behind the decision you make.

Without experienced guidance and intensive support, many men fall into one or more of the following 5 PITFALLS in trying to D.O.Y.O. (Decide On Your Own)...
WIDE - VIDEO - PIC (1).png
An intensive mentoring program designed by and for men who not only want to decide to stay or go, but to finally breakthrough

Because every relationship is complex and unique,

so is the process to make your decision.

The journey from your current place of

indecision and pain towards more

clarity and love is neither easy

nor for the faint of heart.


To do so, you need to embark on a...

Most perilous and rewarding


You are the hero explorer...

Mapping out your own relationship landscapE

moving at your own pace...

facing fears + overcoming obstacles


challenges to earn clarity & courage 

Through the Labyrinth...

Complete these challenges...

Complete these challenges...




Learn the art and science to discharge and turn around negative emotions getting in the way of you seeing clearly and choosing wisely. 

  • Track, understand and DIFFUSE the EMOTIONAL WOUNDING that has been making you confused and reactive 

  • Learn cutting edge tools to gradually DISSOLVE and transform emotions more fully. 

  • Experience more courage, calm, freedom and peace. 



What you think is going on has not given you the clarity you seek. Take a deeper look, to find out:


  • WHY you are really unfulfilled. 

  • WHAT you are missing in your relationship. 

  • HOW you are sabotaging this relationship and previous ones. 

  • The 3 DANCES of CONFLICT and PAIN you and your partner are trapped in together. 

  • The CORE WOUNDS which are triggering the fuck out of your nervous system, flooding you with fear, shame and craving and making it hard to access the clarity you seek.



Time to face your relationship demons and stand up to the inner demons and unevolved parts of you, with sure handed support, finally... 

  • STAND up to the sabotaging inner MINOTAURS getting in the way of your clarity and capacity to LOVE more FREELY. 

  • RECLAIM your natural COURAGE and ability to continue to CLEAR negative emotions form your nervous system, more fully, quickly and easily than before.  

To gain more


About what's really going on...

& Power

over the inner forces that influence you.

My Story

Being a therapist for 14 years and knowing what healthy love can and should look like, didn't keep me from eternally chasing romantic love while pushing real intimacy away. 


I was deeply torn about every significant relationship, including my current marriage. I also stayed in some relationships far too long. 


And yet, for the life of me, I could not get the clarity, courage and resolve to break these patterns until I gathered the right people and created this intensive step by step intervention for me first! 

It continues to be an incredible honour and humbling adventure to help guide men who - like me (watch) and also like Kai (read) - are at the crossroads, ready to break free to deeper intimacy and lasting love. 

Only once you are clear

and in your power,

can you progress to

phase 2...


Complete these challenges...


Summon COuncil

Gathering all the important voices and allies in your life to...

  • TAKE full STOCK of what each part of you wants.  

  • HEAR honest reflections and impacts from people who matter to you most. 

  • Come to see the deeper and FULLER TRUTH about the decision you will make. 


SIT on the throne

Spend time sitting in the seat of your own authority, discerning...

  • 3 levelled SCENARIO PLANNING of HOW you will realize your decision. 

  • Address any lingering FEARS and DOUBTS once and for all. 

  • Awaken the COURAGE, WISDOM and PEACE inside you to step into the decision fully and wholeheartedly. 



the future

Be guided personally to talk to your future self and... 

  • WALK through the only two paths left to see what is ahead for you. 

  • Gain further CLARITY about what each choice will bring. 

  • Know what is absolutely CERTAIN and non negotiable going forward. 

  • Find REASSURANCE from within yourself. 

To gain more


to discern what is best for all...

& Courage

to make the choice and start acting.

It could end here.

But, that would be leaving you hanging...

and ALONE to do the hardest part...

We want help you with this next chapter too...

 Nurture and grow
the LOVE you Seek!

Whatever you decide,

We help you to take these

3 NEXT steps...


with power and love

1. HONOURING    your past relationship 

  • Making AMMENDS


  • Saying GOODBYE


  • Expressing and releasing ANGER.

  • Feeling and healing GRIEF.

  • Facing and overcoming FEARS around starting anew and being alone.


  • Setting clear BOUNDARIES with your ex

  • Reaching out to old and new FRIENDS

  • Establishing LOVE rituals


with power and love


  • Expressing and releasing RESENTMENT.

  • Feeling and healing DISAPPOINTMENTS.

  • Facing and overcoming intimacy FEARS.

2. NURTURING        the garden of LOVE

  • Setting BOUNDARIES with your partner

  • Reaching out to old and new FRIENDS

  • Establishing couple LOVE rituals.

3TransformING    your current relationship 

  • Taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY

  • Showing genuine APPRECIATION

  • Establishing a liberating COMMITMENT

Ready to do what it takes

to finally stop running from love

to liberate yourself to experience

deeper intimacy and integrity? 

Why we won't take your money, yet, but insist on this, first...

We don't want to waste your time NOR our patience and energy supporting you IF this really ain't for you. How can we be sure, before starting?

Simply by asking you a few discerning questions, we can suss out if it's worth your time to join us or not.  

Click APPLY below to find out and if so, to get a free consult directly with David. 

NOT ready? Got more questions?  Read below...
  • How long does it take?
    Though the steps are clear and proven to work, it depends on each man, given his unique circumstance, established clarity and readiness. On average men take.... 4 - 8 weeks to complete the first journey CLARIFY - Escape from the Labyrinth. 3 - 6 weeks to complete the second journey CHOOSE - Making a Wise Decision. Given the depth and scope, the third journey CREATE, varies more. Some men want our intensive guidance and support for 1-2 months after deciding. Others seek it for 6 months or more. Some men continue on with our ongoing MASTERHEART program ($200/month) to maintain the deep connections with other men and continue growing relationship muscles through our trainings and intensives.
  • What does it cost?
    Given the level of experienced, intensive and multi-leveled support including weekly: 1-1 Sessions with David (60 mins) Emotional Process Sessions (75 mins) Small group Reflection and Support Circles Conflict and Relational Skills Training 24/7 Accountability & Process Tracking And the nature of each stage being unique, here is the cost break down: CLARIFY - 8 sessions (10 hours) is $1,997 (CAD) CHOOSE - 5 sessions (10 hours) is $1,997 (CAD) CREATE - flexible 1-4 mentoring sessions ($200 each) + $250/month for The MASTERHEART experience of weekly group learning, accountability and support. A partial subsidy is sometimes avialable (due to the generosity of private donors). Please inquire if you have concerns.
  • Is it private and confidential?
    Our mentoring process is fully private and confidential. Our online community is within an password protected eco-system. Open and vulnerable sharing in our live groups, occurs within a context of strict confidentiality where what we share is held as sacred.
  • What if it doesn't work for me? (GUARANTEE)??
    No. We take the application process seriously. This only works for men who are ready and willing to put the courageous work in, to do what it takes to break out of past patterns around intimacy and commitment and finally be free to love fully. Not for window shoppers who are looking for deals and an easy escape from the impact of their actions.
  • How do I keep my partner from finding out I'm doing this!?
    You don't. Instead, we highly recommend you TELL your partner that you are doing this program. Yeah, I know that might seem terrifying. You might fear that they'd try to sway you, or leave you first, or that knowing you're doing this will hurt them somehow... or... something else painful. The first few steps in the program are all about HOW to do this in the most POWERFUL ANDLOVING way so that it actually helps you (so you have nothing to hide) and it helps them relax and trust you more.
  • So, what's my partner's role then?"
    Once in the program, you will be checking in with your current partner to... Provide clarity on what you think is going on for you. Checking in with them by asking them to verify your perceptions as well as asking them to share their truth with you. Provide insights and concrete input on relationship questions you need to hold together. Potentially (up to both you) you may ask them to help you to stay accountable and honest doing parts of the program where you will want to lie to yourself. And, by informing them (sending them to the partner pages -- tba) they know what this is and so they can give you the space and blessing to do this critical work.

We suspect that you've been struggling with your relationship for too long. And we imagine that you've been longing for a truer, deeper and more lasting LOVE, since forever. Right?

So, the question we pose to you, is:

 Is it finally your time
to get the clarity, courage and wisdom
you need to either dive in or step out to
create the LOVE your heart
has been longing for? 
Find out if this intensive help
is what you need next (or not)?

How do we suss that out? 

It's a quick and confidential survey below...

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