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For men ready to awaken their
innate capacity to experience healing
Man with shirt
The POWER to
Want to understand why and how you can heal yourself 
- without a tonne of money, training or special talents?  
First, watch this...
1 min. to explain...
And you may be wondering...



2 hours online learning to heal by DOING IT

together with a committed group

of awesome men!


7:30 - 9:30pm


JULY 15th, 2021

Will there be a recording? 

No. It's designed to be experienced all

live and in group.

Is there a fee? 


(Concerns with paying for healing? Please WATCH this)

What happens after you RSVP 

1. I send you a personal note confirming and asking you to pay by etransfer directly to secure your spot. 


2. I send you a concise ebook - "The 5 Choices To Heal"

and a simple excercize (audio) to help you prepare for the evening. 

answered below...
What if you just CAN'T...
What you do NOT need...
WHO am I...?
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What! Pay for healing?!
Is it possible to learn to heal "online"?

Yes, when we are present with ourselves and one another, we connect deeply through any medium, accross any distance. If we are in our heads, it doesn't matter if we are lying in a bed together, the connection is neither deep nor as true. 
Note, this experiential was not made as an adaption to COVID. We've been testing and pioneering how to create deep learning and genuine bonds online, for years. 
Some men say...  

“I floored by how simple it was to heal. I still struggle, I guess, on my own with letting go of trying to control it or make it more complicated than it really is.


But, I know how it actually WORKS now! 

“I'm grateful for this time, healing so deeply, and on ZOOM of all places!

A sense of real relief and space apart from the shame and guilt I was holding..."

WTF! I can't believe all that's happened in the last hour and a bit. 


You men are incredible!


And I can't even describe what I feel... GOOD! Yeah, f*ckin' gooooood!"

Ready to

Wait! Have more question? 

If so, click the same button below and ask me... anything. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 8.09.52 AM.png

for considering joining us.

Some say,

"Men who are doing their inner

healing work is the new sexy."

We say,


We heal because it's who we are.

How it makes us more

awesome is a bonus!

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