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A suprinsingly accurate tool to identify our deepest desires, your precise purpose, and who is sabotaging your ability to become the king of your own life...

"WHO is the Boss of ME?"

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90 minutes that will help you understand yourself better
than years of navel gazing and listening to "experts"

5 Takeaways from this simple yet revealing 
self-assessment workshop...

1. Deeper understanding and connection to The 5 Masculine Archetypes iidentifying the level of maturity and functionality of each archetype within you.

2. ID which part(s) of you are most influencing your decision making process and your sense of identity.

3. ID which parts(s) are hiding in the shadows, sucking your life energy and sabotaging your conscious intentions.

4. Get a clear and undeniable overview of how your inner kingdom (system of parts) are needing to evolve in order to thrive as a whole man.

5. Learn the relational mindset and deep psychology to start easily shifting the power balance within yourself towards wiser and more mature kingship (mature authority and leadership).

March 21/24
-9:15pm (EST)
5pm (PST), 7pm (CST)

One time live workshop

NO recording available afterwards.

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The cost

This is a NO cost experience.

as part of a giveaway and collaboration

between and Powerful And Loving.


FYI ~ I have offered this assessment 1-1 over the years (at cost of $200-400) and I will likely launch it as a public workshop again at $60+ in the future. 

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