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This is a private invite only page for trustworthy men
who are wanting to create more
powerful and loving relationships...

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Want to know more about..?
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Men helping one another to thrive in relationships 
Are you one of the rare few...?
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You've been looking for something rare and out of the ordinary... 

  • Men who have depth and breadth of life experience.

  • A place to unmask and discover who you are.

  • A group where you feel both supported and challenged to grow. 

  • Where all of you is welcome and more of you is waiting to be found.

AND... a powerful community where the focus is not just on you but on what matters even more that yourself...  all your relationships. 

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Embodying A

Relational Paradigm...

Whether your focus is on your intimate partner, your business, your family, friendships, your body, nature, a higher Power, or some other aspect of life you care about, in THE MASTERHEART, we focus on how we relate to everything because... 


How I relate to one being

is how I relate to all beings.

Our approach is not single minded but an integrative open system which focuses on these 5 essential domains:

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* During the pandemic, we continue to meet primarily online though it needs to be noted that in many ways we have grown closer and deepened our relational skills in new and innovative ways: 


  • GROUP MENTORING Calls (1 hour/week): We meet to explore a chosen theme, skill or strategy together in a practical and enrichening way. Past and re-occuring explorations have been around diverse points such as: death, sex, shame, anger and violence, fatherhood, and money. 

  • REFLECTION & RECOGNITION CALLS (1 hour/week): We meet on zoom (and phone for some) to reflect authentically on what is moving us most and to give and receive high quality feedback.  

  • Taking on DARES: we commit at least once a month to give ourselves a personal "dare" to grow relationally in some meaningful way. Part of this is asking for another man to make an accountability pact (helping one another to stay transparent and in integrity). 

  • BUDDY CALLS: we commit to connecting to at least one other member of the group once a week to simply check in with one another. 

  • PRIVATE ONLINE SHARING SPACE: we encourage spontaneous sharing within the PAL online community. And we also have an exclusive private circle for intimate sharing just within our circle. 

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Intensives & Trainings

We offer extra intensive learning experiences.

Some, like the following two are optional and offered first to Masterheart members at a reduced extra cost. 


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Jerry Brodey, Michael McCarthy and I co-lead nature based retreats 1-2 times per year. 



A new immersive experiential weekend for men ready to go deepe...

Other trainings are encouraged and complimentary for Masterheart members.


The two below you can take the evergreen versions online (once you join MASTERHEART) or wait till we experience them live together:

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A 7 day challenge to help ourselves come back into our bodies. We'll likely run it in October and/or January ~ as the need becomes evident.

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a 5 week e-training in conflict transformation and the core skills to becoming a LOVE WARRIOR. This will be run live later this fall.   

For those ready to commit...

We ask from ourselves and one another...


A 6 month commitment to stay in it together.


We count on another to show up regularly and be in reciprocal relationship ~ both giving to and receiving from one another.  




$100-200* CAD/month


* We ask men to pay from the heart - meaning to contribute within the range above that is sustainable to them while nourishing to us.


If finances are an issue, please reach out to discuss options/concerns.

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Need to experience it first?
Join us as a guest to experience our deep and supportive group

8 - 9:15pm

DEC. 13th

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More questions?
More questions? 
More questions? 

A value and respect a man who is deliberate and discerning before he commits.


If you need to talk it out to help you make the best decision (either way) please reach out and...