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About US 
and our unique culture...

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From a personal need...

"Even though I had decades of experience as Sensei, facilitator and therapist helping countless boys and men...

...I still struggled in my own relationship.

I sought out coaching, therapy, men's groups and even plant medicines. 

They all helped, to a degree, but also left a critical gap...


How can I realize my potential

as a leader who is also a great

lover, partner, father and friend?


As I evaluated all of the communities and resources I had, I asked myself... 

What kind of support do I need to 

thrive and grow long term? 

~ David Jurasek

Founder of P.A.L.

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Called to a mission...

In 2016, inspired by the central paradox expressed by the great Martin Luther King, Jr., POWERFUL AND LOVING (PAL) was born...

"POWER without love

is reckless and abusive and...

LOVE without power

is sentimental and anaemic."  

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A new paradigm
(This ain't your daddy's men's group)

The idea was to gather diverse and dedicated men with a common purpose... encourage and challenge one another to become both POWERFUL and LOVING.

So we can each grow into whole-hearted leaders who  thrive together and bring our fullest selves to our most important relationships. 

Over time...


...we brought together the best relational technologies from every community, growth focused modality, and leadership training we knew to create an integrative 5 Element framework for a lifetime of deep learning. 

And as we grow, we are intent on sustaining a vibrant culture within a lasting village, both intimate and international, online and in person.  



+ in person

+ Local

If you're ready to...

Let go of being the Lone Wolf

to accelerate your growth while learning

with highly committed men

Put down your mask(s)

The ones you use to hide the many sides that

make up who you really are inside.


Drop trying to please others

to start being more authentic and at ease!

Be the change you wish to see

Ceasing blame to transform conflict into deeper connection.

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We dare you...


Find out WHO is getting in your way, corroding your confidence and pushing deeper connection away, by taking our quiz below.



And know that afterwards, we'll offer you help to discern if the pathways available to grow and thrive in ALL your relationships, anyway. 

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