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Powerful and loving

For men who dare to go deeper and...
wise enough to know they need experienced guidance to get there...

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Our Unique approach

Though many of us are trained as helping professionals (psychotherapists, coaches, leaders, etc), within this powerful and loving community, we offer a more intensive and comprehensive frame of  support for men who wish to grow called Diamond Heart "mentoring"

What's the difference between
mentoring, coaching
and therapy?


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Honest debrief
from a MENTEE...

Unscripted and unforced conversation at the end of a mentoring call...

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Some free resources

* Tired of being the Good Guy?  Read this.
* Wrestling with Fear/Anxiety?  Read this.

* Sick of "Stupid Fights"? Read this

* Commitment phobia? Read this.

* Struggle with Focus (ADHD)?   Read this.

* Grieving a Loss?
   Read this. 


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Ready to grow relationally?

If you watched the video above, relate and resonate with our culture and approach, consider filling out a quick and private survey to qualify for a 30 mins. free consult. Talk with the founder, David Jurasek, to help you discern if mentoring is the right path for you - or not - and what other types of support may be helpful to you in your growth. 

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