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which breaks men's hearts open...

Bill has devoted his entire life to taking care of others: as a loving husband and father, in the business of improving the lives of the elderly.

One fateful Monday morning, his marriage and career in jeopardy, his heart stops beating.

In limbo, a mysterious voice saves him from the brink, giving him seven days to find the spark needed to stay alive.

Follow Bill on one unexpected adventure after another, making unlikely allies to awaken the power of his strongest muscle: his 


When being good
is not enough...
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“It made this grown man cry...

a few times. Fuckin’ hell. I’ve been to prison and count myself as rough and tough. And then this book knocked my head sideways, yanked my guts and ripped my heart open.”

I don’t even read fiction, usually. A man I admire

and trust handed it to me. It’s sneaky... A tonne

of practically effective strategies and tools are

packed into this gripping novel. 

It's become a bible to me.”

I didn’t think I could relate to Bill. Annoyed by some of his initial choices... But, gradually I was blown away by how much what he went through in these seven days is so close to what I am going actually through, right now. We’re so different and yet inside so similar. 

The honesty in it is astonishing.”

As a busy, sleep deprived dad, I have no idea

where I had the time to read 450 + pages!

But, I could not put it down...”

"A hell raising journey on the

wild road of self-discovery...


This is a uniquely universal and relatable story for many of us guys who feel emotionally lost and emprisoned in our skins. There are wake-up calls for Bill as he finds his life shifting and crumbling -- his marriage, his work, the ways he connects to friends and family. Bill is having to face darker underlying issues through his unrealized grief and his spiritual emptiness.


All of it has him frozen, unable to see clearly enough to escape from a constrictive emotional straight jacket. Sound familiar guys? Bill’s chickens have come home  to roost. 


With humour and well delineated plot points we can’t help biting our nails and wondering what’s going to save this man from more calamity.


This book is bold and truthfully written from the deepest corners of the author's own life. He is indeed a keen observer from the shadowy crevices of  human nature. Jurasek’s most interesting convention to convey the narrative is to bring all the competing parts of himself along with bits and pieces of experience from his own mentees, friends, mentors, spiritual advisors. This is Bill Stone’s uniquely brave initiation over the span of a mind boggling, heart thumping week to find the meaning to his life.


The author is the consummate psychotherapist, mentor and creative genius and he’s creating a movement for change with men along with other allies who understand change cannot happen in isolation. For some men, there may be resistance even eye ball rolling as My Heart Is A Muscle challenges us in these times of cynicism.

This read brought me to a place of deep emotional satisfaction. 


I was impressed by the creative breadth of Jurasek’s work. He is a fierce, principled leader who clearly wants to lead us hungry men out of the wilderness and around the fire dancing and tumbling over our worst nightmares with permission, courage and a whole lotta joy."

~ Jerry Brodey

Award winning musician, playwright,

author, mentor and social activist

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The Author's Wish

"I know that I'm not a great writer, but I know a great story.

One that is potent enough to break your heart

and mend it to become stronger.


My dream... 


After waking up at 5am for the last two years to write,

it is very bold, yet simple. 

To move 500 men

in the deepest way possible...


...helping each man to become more "relational". 

In the most practical of ways to be reclaiming their

wild souls, revitalizing their relationships, and

leading more deeply fulfilling and purposeful lives. 

To do that, I need your help. 

This is book's fate is not to wait for a publisher's recognition or be a "light" read sold through ads online. 


And yet, it has already reached close to a hundred men already, simply through word of mouth alone.

Will you help me

reach more men who

will love this book?

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Purchase your copy or as a gift for a man in your life...

PS ~ If you want to order more than 2 copies to gift or share with your communities, you can order copies at a 50% discount (plus shipping) directly by contacting the author. 

Thank you from the core of my heart!


~ David Jurasek, 

Author and founder of PAL

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