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which breaks men's hearts open...

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WHO needs to read it?

A man who might be too good: a loyal husband and caring father, dedicated to making the world better place...

And yet, one Monday morning, everything is turned upside down. His wife threatens to leave him. His life's work is stolen. And his heart ~ broken ~ stops beating.

In limbo, Bill encounters a mysterious voice who brings him back, giving him just seven days to find the spark needed to stay alive. 

Follow him on one unexpected adventure after another, meeting unlikely allies and discovering the courage and confidence of his most powerful and loving muscle: his heart. 

Meet Bill, 
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Think of a man
who you love

(perhaps it is you)...
...your husband, brother, friend...

...who is too "good". 

Needing to get out of his head and drop more into his heart

To feel more alive, more connected and in touch with who and what matters most in his one precious life...
Not sure this is the right book for him or you?

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"I'm not a great writer, but I know a great story. One that is potent enough to break your heart and mend it stronger.


And 90% of what happens in this unbelievable tale actually happened to me or a man I know. May it work it's medicine on you."

~ David Jurasek, 

Author and founder of PAL