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I know that I am not a great writer, but this book holds a powerful story which hounded me until I humbly obliged to write it.

Now it asks ~ actually demands ~ more...
The next calling that wakes me at 3am is that this book breaks open the hearts of one thousand men, over the next five years... 
Imagine the impact on just one man you know. 

Picture how he is more humble and tender with his family. More curious and courageous in his work. More spacious and quicker to laugh and cry with with loved ones. 
Can one book ~ with such an unweildy story written by a novice ~ really have such an impact? 
I believe it can. Not because I think it but because of the impact I have seen already. Some of the evidence:

A douzen men have already previewed it and been brought to tears. (read reviews on the first page and back cover). 

My wife ~ my toughest critic and most fervent ally ~ read it and was moved deeply.

I've also spent over a thousand hours writing this beast, questioning my adequacy to the task. And yet, every time I read it back to myself, it had an impact, cracking my heart further open, making me laugh, cry, and most importantly feel for what Bill and others were going through. 

And finally, you wouldn't be here on this page if the story didn't move you in some way that made you want to share it... 

"David's message on power and love is hugely important both as a global issue and to the boys on the bus..."
Padraig O’Morain, The Irish Times

"Thank you for your honest review!

It's food for my soul and fuel to encourage me to keep telling the story of Robert, Bill and the rest of world of 'My Heart Is A Muscle'"

- David Jurasek



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