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Who are YOU and
why are you here...?

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You're a different breed of man...
Image by Drew Hays


Big Hearted


You're generous to a fault. You pride yourself on providing and caring for others. You are the ultimate giver. And when you get emptied, too often, you resent others for not filling your tank. 

Strong Sensitive Type 


It used to be a liability, taking things personally and wearing your heart on your sleeve, but you are starting to own it and realize what a strength it might be. With cultivation and guidance from seasoned mentors, it might even become your super power. 

Tired of seeking

You're a restless creative and a lifelong learner. Seeking truth and depth in every part of your life. And now, at last, you are ready to FIND and to be FOUND. 



You've already tried

and failed to...

FIGURE IT OUT on your OWN.  


Watching videos and reading all the relationship, conflict resolution and leadership development books you could. Your relationships seem more complicated and the interactions too messy to sort out with simplistic solutions. 

THERAPY and traditional SUPPORTS weren't enough.


Going through the common channels for help (therapy, online support, coaching) you have found some help but also more confused and defeated by how hard it's been to find deeper purpose and make more lasting change.  

MEN's groups ran their course.


You either explored the options online and found yourself put off by some with a noxious machismo. Or you joined a good group of men and found it helpful, to a point. Over time, you found yourself wanting deeper understanding and a way to build stronger bonds outside of the circle. 

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You're wise enough to know...


It's not about YOU!

Focusing on your personal goals is not going to cut it. Neither is navel gazing to find your purpose. ​​

It's not really that complicated


Stepping into leadership and mastering our relationships means a radical shift from ME to WE. It means going from the head to our hearts. This is a short yet deep journey which terrifies most men. Those who brave it, gain clarity, courage and deep satisfaction. 

Your impact on others is the key

To understand our power and to evolve into our potential as men, we have to start by looking at our impact on others (especially those closest to us).

It's not meant to be "work" 

How we grow in our relationships is the greatest -- most demanding, rewarding, and also periless ~ adventure a man can ever dare to go on. 

None of us can do this alone.

We are social and relational pack animals. We need to find others to see our true face, walk with us through the darkness, and join us as we each find our own unique way to greater fulfillment. 

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Ready to
RESILIENCE%20(3)_edited.jpg the company of
compassionate and committed men.

You're ready to...

Let go of being the Lone Wolf

to accelerate your growth while learning

with highly committed men

Put down your mask(s)

The ones you use to hide the many sides that

make up who you really are inside.


Drop trying to please others

to start being more authentic and at ease!

Be the change you wish to see

Ceasing blame to transform conflict into deeper connection.

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What's next...?


IF you're ready to consider

evolving yourself and how you show up in all your relationships...

Find out WHO is getting in your way, corroding your confidence and pushing deeper connection away, by taking our quiz below.  


And know that afterwards, we'll offer you help to discern which pathways may help you grow next. 

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PS ~ Who are WE?

We are a community of men inspired by the MLK quote:

"POWER without love

is reckless and abusive and

LOVE without power

is sentimental and anaemic"  

Our common purpose is to encourage and challenge one another to become both POWERFUL and LOVING as we learn to grow and thrive in our most important relationships. 

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