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I was tired of chasing love and yet when faced with real intimacy, running from it...

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How did I finally break the spell
after decades of sabotaging my relationships? 

The video above is short and catchy. But the journey to break the spell of love addiction is a richer, deeper story. 

If you want to hear it, 
set aside 19 mins and listen to my tale below... 

Note: here is the painting I mentioned having on my wall when I met my wife.
"The Fisherman and the Siren" by Knut Eval 

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If you want to ID your biggest barrier to experiencing deeper connection and lasting love... 

I created this free tool for men who want to really peel back the veil. Stop blaming yourself, your partner or your relationship and get more precise and clear about the specific pattern holding you back so you can begin (or continue) to evolve it. 

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