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David Jurasek

Founder of Powerful And Loving

Featured in

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The Irish Times
"David's message on power and love is hugely important both as a global issue and for the two boys on the bus..."
Padraig O’Morain, The Irish Times

Core Themes...


  • STAY or GO? The Myth of Theseus and The Labyrinth of Lasting Love

  • Restless Men: What's Missing in Therapy, Coaching and Men's Work

  • The Wild & Wise Hearted: Towards a Relational Paradigm Shift

  • How Do Boys and Men Heed MLK's Call to Embody The Paradox of Power and Love

  • How Can Men Re-Learn To Heal More Deeply and Fully 

  • The 5 Love Saboteurs & How We Evolve Them

  • Losing a Testicle To Gain A Life of More Love & Testosterone

  • The Martial Art of Parenting & The Entitlement Syndrome

Favourite Interviews

Formative Experiences

  • Becoming a father and on the journey fully engaged, humbled and learning every day. 

  • Navigating 10 years of marriage ~ through crisis and peril ~ towards a deeper and more lasting love.

  • Surviving testicular cancer and the many lessons from it.  

  • Growing a long term relational growth community of exceptional men - the challenges and constant learning. 

  • Serving as a psychotherapist for over 14 years impacting thousands of clients and families. 

  • Practicing and teaching AIKIDO as a relational art form deeply relevant to intimate and societal context.

  • Running a Playback Theatre company for 15 years, reflecting the true stories of diverse communities.   

  • Being a child refugee, losing culture and homeland, moving 37 times and tending now to an urban farm in East Toronto. 

  • Making films and videos that provoke deeper reckoning. 

  • Presenting at conferences about work that is on the edge of mental health - embodied co-regulation, needs of boys and men, and reciprocal community healing. 

If you are interested in deeply engaging and dynamic interviews which may unsettle yet

surely inspire and move your audience... 

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"No matter the context,

I wish everyone I speak to

feels deeply seen

and heard..."

- David Jurasek



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