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Stop beating yourself up
for Procrastinating...

And join us to END this habit for good...

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A private workshop with men keen to learn a simple and effective practice to melt through procrastination and start doing our deeper work with more energy and ease. 

In this highly focused and practical 60 minute masterclass, you will learn and practice…

  1. Why procrastination is so seductive and addictive for humans — and animals!

  2. What it says about you as a man about why you have struggled with it thus far (3 good things you didn’t consider and one bad thing that is not your fault)

  3. How to break the cycle of procrastination any time through a series of simple, intuitive, and powerful steps.

  4. A Chance to practice it together, and ask me questions about the 3-5 minute process which has helped hundreds of boys and men — especially those of us with AD/HD — to break free from procrastination loops.

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Cost & SIGN UP 

I have offered this tool over the years (at cost of $100-200)

within a 1-1 context as a mentor and therapist.


To make it accessible to more men, I am asking for a fee of: 

$30* (CAD) HST inc.

$20 US - no tax

What Men have said... 

“I finally got started looking at my finances and prepping my doc for my taxes. Huge relief. Amazed by how much I tackled in 90 minutes!”
“Re-ignited my passion for music. First time picking up that dusty guitar. I played 5 songs and started composing one that just came to me…”
“I got drawing. Felt frustrated with myself but the micro support in the session got me back on track and I finished a piece I needed to publish two weeks ago!”
“I wrote the emails I was avoiding and got on the horn to have that awkward conversation. It was hard but I feel proud of myself. I did the hard shit I was avoiding for too long!”
“Looking for work has been demoralizing. Instead of chasing more interviews, this helped me to focus in on reaching out to a few leads.. Nervous as fuck, but I got two bites later! Hot Damn!”
“I was upset with my wife — we both work at home — and I went to see her and to repair. It was tense at first, but we both felt closer after and the rest of my day has been flowing…”
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