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Payment Page 

Over the years, I have learned some hard lessons around money.
The hippie in me understands when new men arrive and say,

“But, why should I pay for friendship and community,
since we all make that happen together?”

And I reply,

“You're right. You shouldn’t.
Those are priceless treasures we tend to

What you pay for here is for me (and more men in the future I hope)
being compensated to devote time to do all the invisible tasks necessary to tend and take care of this community, keeping the village healthy, vital and strong over time.”

~ David Jurasek

(founder of PAL)


Please consider the right contribution* you can make which at this time that feels best for you... 

* Money and contribution can easily get mucked up with our sense of self-worth. We hope that you can see past any guilt or shame, and honour the ways that you contribute financially and even more so how you show up and give to your brothers and our share village.


This baseline fee allows us to keep the lights on. Every dollar counts.


$100 US/mon.


$136 CAD 

(fees + HST included)


This "sustaining" fee pays for our operating expenses and care over time.


$150 US/mon.


$203 CAD 


(fees + HST included)


This fee invests in our future and a scholarship fund to cover expenses for men who need support.

$200 US/mon.


$275 CAD


(fees + HST included)

Pay for 6 months & save...

If you are able to, this helps with admin and supports PAL growth. Here are the amounts if you pay for 6 months at a time:


BASELINE = $550 US (save $50) / $747 CAD
โ€‹SUSTAINING = $800 US (save $100) / $1087 CAD
INVESTING = $1100 US (save $100) / $1493 CAD

To help us save on credit card fees, please contribute through etransfer to this email -->

If you are outside of Canada and/or prefer using credit card/Stripe, please put in your amount when you contribute here. 


Finances very tight?

If you need to pay less -- due to survival needs -- or wish to pay a different amount (dues owing from the past) you can set your own amount in a one time payment below... 

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Financial Transparency
WHY are fees so important?

First, because reciprocity is the key to our culture. Each of us is here to both give and receive. To take and to offer. This is not only on a social, emotional and even spiritual level, but also in the exchange of funds (or some mutually agreed upon exchange of time and energy).


Second, regular fees are not just a paying for operating costs, but an investment in this community, to slowly grow and sustain this village.


WHERE does the money go?


Last year, we collected about $22K through programs and group fees. $10K through 1-1 mentoring. Operational costs were about $6K, not including any payment for David to tend the community. On my end, I spend about 16-24 hours a week actively tending the community through mentoring, attending and hosting groups, responding to men’s needs, consulting and gatekeeping the community, and dealing with admin. On average, another 8-12 hours in development (creating resources, building alliances, promotions). This community pays me between $13-22/hour to do the above. 


My wish and goal going forward (over the next 2-3 years) is to grow sustainably to a size and financial income that we can hire 1-2 men to do much of the community tending and I can devote primary time to development and mentoring.


HOW are we structured (charity - for profit)?


We are neither. Charities are always vulnerable and at risk of losing core funding. For profits are driven to make key decisions based on profit and short term gain over long term best interests of the stakeholders.

As you can see from above, we are neither breaking a profit nor running aground. Though my hourly rate is not very high, I am being taken care of as the steward at the moment and though PAL is in my name a sole propreitorship (from which I pay HST and taxes in Ontario, Canada), it operates in practice as a sustainable business (aka B Corp). The goal over time is to actually set up a legal entity that is a B Corp like entity with a board of directors. We are moving in that direction within the next 5 years.

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