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WHO's stopping you 
from feeling deep love and 
living with natural confidence?

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How did John finally do it...
save his marriage, start his own business
and reconcile with his estranged son?

John was a success at making money and a rock when it came to taking care of his family, but...


He was also seeing the foundations of his marriage crumble, his teenage son was not talking to him and he was uninspired, bored with his career, wondering, 

"What am I missing?"

When it came to knowing what to do, John was exasperated and deeply stuck.

"I've done everything right.

Why are they still unhappy with me?"

Eager to save his relationships, John tried everything: therapy, life coaching, men's groups, and even Ayahuasca (hallucinogenic plant  medicine). 

Finally, reaching out, he took our free and private assessment to discover which parts of him were responsible for sabotaging all of his best intentions and attempts.  

With deeper insight and a concrete sense of what was wrong, John also learned that he wasn't inadequate or lacking anything - a big sigh of relief for him. 

"To break through to my family,

I actually needed to embrace

more of myself!"

He went on to face his deepest fears of not being good enough and of being suffocated by intimacy. He gradually reconciled with his son, re-ignited the fire in his marriage and made the shift to invest in running his own business (after thinking about it for twelve and a half years).

To be honest, it took months of one-on-one mentoring and a powerful circle of men to help him to make such earth shattering moves. 

And the journey continues...


Read John's full story here.


But it all started with the one step...

Ready to find out 

WHO is holding you back?

How did John re-awaken a sexless marriage, left his job to leap full time into his own business​and finally reconcile with his estranged son.

"The fuel for deeper passion,

closeness and power in the world

only comes from facing the

darkest parts of ourselves..."

~ Jerry Brodey,

Grandfather, Mentor, Creative

Powerhouse & member of PAL

A community for men who dare to grow relational muscles...
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