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You should be happier, but...
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You seem to have
all that you wanted, but...
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Time to cease striving...

Therapy which can be profoundly impactful but does not always feel natural -- lacking the reciprocity of friendship and mutual care.


Men's groups which can be powerful spaces to get to know other men and share about yourself, but there is not space to go deeper and explore your relationship to others -- without blank stares, advice giving or a nudge to just focus on yourself. 


Coaching where you have a dedicated ally and support offering you guidance, but not able to go deeper in healing and give you more integrated support.

Peak Growth Intensives which can be potent and life changing but leave you without much solid ground (accountability and support) to stand on afterwards. 

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What it really takes...

To create the depth of intimacy and growth you are seeking as a man - within yourself, with your partner, kids, and everyone you care about - it takes the addition of the following...

  • Other committed men who have depth and breadth of life experience.

  • A group which meets weekly where you feel both supported and challenged to grow. 

  • Where all of you is welcome and more of you is waiting to be found.

  • A place to fully unmask, discover who you really are, and heal at a core level.

AND... a powerful community where the focus is not just on you but on what matters even more that yourself...  all your relationships. 

That's what we call... 


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Imagine how 6 months of intensive weekly support would allow you to evolve yourself and all your vital relationships... 
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"I'd been in men's groups and

had done a LOT of personal growth, but...


...I was missing some key support in maintaining nourishing and healthy relationships.

Masterheart is a place where I get to practice relational skills, help resolve my unhealthy relationship patterns, and build supportive friendships with other men.


I am constantly inspired by how the other guys in the group are facing their lives - they help me strive to be the best man I can be.


I know that my partner and daughter are grateful for this group!”

~ Michael McCarthy

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"The reciprocal culture within

this real community was a

game changer for me."

~ Ben Zimmer (see below)

BEN - Reflecting on MASTERHEART
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"I created the deep support I needed to help me go beyond striving and finally start thriving in my own marriage and life!"